Bladder Matters


to, the sister site of the extremely popular, award winning and of the site which brings together organisations offering support for various aspects of Women’s Health: because Women Everywhere matter! is an independent, clinician-led website. Our aim is to provide easily accessible, up-to-date, accurate information about Bladder problems and treatment options so that women and health professionals can make informed choices about Bladder management.


Bladder problems can affect women, and men, of all ages However if you are approaching or experiencing the menopause you are particularly at risk. One of the most distressing bladder problems is incontinence. Incontinence affects personal hygiene and overall health. It is not just the physical side of incontinence that is distressing, incontinence can also have psychological and social effects, with many women often having their lives ruled by their bladders! For some women the problem becomes so distressing that they do not want to leave their homes.

Despite the consequences of incontinence, many women put up with these problems for many years before seeking help for a variety of reasons including embarrassment, being unaware that treatments are available, believing that it is a normal part of ageing and fear of surgery. Have no fear, for many women simple changes can make big differences and there are treatments which can also make life bearable again. Learn more from this website, from our links to other useful resources, and join our forum where you can discuss the problems with other women; remember you are not alone!